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 Ready to rake in almost embarrassingly large mountains of cash? Listen up because




From the Desk of Justin Michie

Dear Decision Maker, 

For a very limited time, I'd like to extend to you a special offer - to become my next internet marketing success story.

It will only cost you a buck for 10 days and 1 hour a day of "work."

But There's A Catch... the personal coaching offer will be limited to the first 500 people, and you'll only have one shot - right now - to take advantage of it.

So read every word on this page - because this just might be the day your life will change forever.

I’m Justin Michie and I am going to be coaching you. Why am I qualified? Because I consistently pull in numbers like the ones you see below...and I also train others to do the same (or even better!)

(Here's a recent screenshot from one of my Paypal accounts.)

But it isn't just about the money.

It's about the lifestyle. I dress how I want... I sleep in. I enjoy a late lunch. I shoot hoops. Spend lots of time with my kids. Eat delicious dinners out.

After that, I usually relax by my pool - and then I do my work. A lot of times that "work" is just a couple of hours a day to bring a comfortable 5-figure monthly income.

And the best benefit is than this "work" not only makes you good money - it helps you make a positive impact on the lives of others!


For example...


"Signing up for coaching with Justin has been the smartest business decision I've made..."

Right from the start, Justin's feedback and advice helped me focus on what I needed to work on first -- which has had an amazing effect on how I work. I'm no longer wasting my time; I'm focused like a laser on the work I need to do to increase my revenue. 

And the icing on the cake? Justin's coaching has brought back the passion for my website that was lost because I had no clearly defined path. Hands down, signing up for coaching with Justin has been the smartest business decision I've made.


I'm in the last days of shutting down my other business -- and the word that comes to mind is freedom!

I started 5 years ago, had to work other home businesses to generate enough money to live on, and tomorrow will be the day I finally come full circle: only working on FitWatch.

Suzanne Hiscock



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I'm going to give you everything you need - for just $1 - so you can make as much money as you desire and live your life how you want it.

I remember when I stood in your shoes...

I used to work in the entertainment business, and it was stressful and soul-crushing. I needed a solution. Little did I know I'd find it with an internet marketing coach.

I found him in the strangest place. See my only escape from my job was the few minutes I'd get every so often to go down and shoot hoops.

That's When I Met Benny...             

I had to blow off steam on a Tuesday so I found myself shooting hoops one day with an eccentric, but fun-loving guy named Benny.

The strange thing I noticed about Benny was…every time I came to shoot hoops…he was there already.

And he always stayed even after I left.

This guy had what I was looking for: time on his hands.

The latest model of Jaguar he drove told me he probably had a rich daddy…but that wasn’t the case.

Turns out he was an internet marketer like me!

Well, not exactly like me.

I barely had time to use the john, while Benny was pulling down nearly $200,000 per month while spending most of his time perfecting his outside shot!

But Benny wasn't like your normal guru. In fact, he was very tight-lipped about his business.

It was by a stroke of luck I was able to discover his secret.

Remember how I said I used to be in the entertainment business? Well one day Benny told me he was getting married. The problem was his soon-to-be wife's heart was set on a particular band playing at the wedding.

The band wasn't returning Benny's calls. Benny knew I had "inside connections" and asked if I could book them. I told him a could under one condition...

He'd give me every single step he was using to generate $200,000+ a month online while barely working on his business.

He agreed.

Now bear in mind, I wasn't expecting jaw-dropping, "holy sh*t!" information. At this point, I'd already invested over $100,000 in my internet marketing education.

But what he revealed to me that day... and what I'm about to reveal to you... was the best internet marketing training I had ever had.

Two reasons why this is true: first, Benny's stuff was so simple. Second, he knew a way to generate incredible amounts of free after day... on complete autopilot.

Discovering Benny's hidden traffic sources was just as good as striking oil.

I went home and put it to use... and very rapidly I started adding more and more to my monthly income and bank account.

A Year Later - On My 25th Birthday, I Was
Making 245% Of My Income From My Old Business...But I Was Only Working
4 Hours Per Day!

I’ll bet you’d like to know more about those traffic sources that Benny revealed to me that day.

You’ll find every single last one of them in Module 3 of my brand new coaching program, Internet Marketing Gone Wild. Get access to them right now!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Need an immediate influx of cash now to escape from debt? Check out the first Quick Start Cash module. Want to have a consistent monthly income to retire on? See Module 8.

Everything you need is here...

Let’s break it down.

Internet Marketing Gone Wild is made up of separate modules each focused on building a different income stream (detailed below). Each of the modules include:

  • Detailed step-by-step videos that hold your hand through the entire process. The videos for each module take you from scratch and set up your business to creating unlimited recurring streams of income to your heart’s content.

  • In-depth 'how to' reports. Some things just are better and faster explained with the written word. These reports go into even greater detail and show you hidden secrets, advanced tips and the best techniques for every imaginable aspect of your online business.

  • You'll also get tons of extras. Extras such as templates, software, graphics, quick-start and how-to guides. These are all five star material, and they will save you oodles of time and money.

We’ll spoon-feed you the modules in ridiculously easy bite sized pieces so you are never working more than 60 minutes per day!

You can do this after work.

You can do this before work.

You can do this before bed.

But most importantly:

Anyone Reading This Letter Can Do This!

The step by step training makes it practically impossible for you to fail.

In fact, the only way you won’t make a full time income with this system, is if you just don’t try!

Here's a just a tiny glimpse of the game-changing insider secrets I'm going to unleash in the just the first few modules... 


Quick Start Cash Module

This is it!

If you've ever wanted to make money online, the secrets I've jam packed into this module will get you earning hundreds of dollars online pretty much immediately.

It's my best cash generating strategies for anyone, no matter what their experience or skill level, in an easy to follow blueprint for even the greenest newbie.

All you need to make this work is a computer, an internet connection and a few hours to spare.

You get access to this entire module for a FULL 10 days for just $1.

And what's totally cool is that you'll earn enough money to pay for this entire training course (and a whole lot more) in just a few short days!

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover inside this module.

Time-tested, battle proven techniques that will show you how to earn your first few hundred dollars online in mere days.

How to create multiple recurring streams of income on the internet.

How you can earn $100 an hour (or more) starting today. I'll show you a real life example and exactly how to duplicate it.
How you can generate a full time income, working part time online.
A system for making money online that makes it impossible for you to fail.

Easy ways to earn quick cash with no website, list, money or experience.

How to build a solid foundation for a successful online business.
The ideal way for a complete newbie to earn easy cash - FAST!
Have some bills you needed to pay yesterday? This is your answer.


Module 1: Blogging
Like A Pro

In this module you'll discover why you should make blogging the foundation of your business.

Here I unlock the mysteries of blogging and show you how to exploit them so you can legally rob the “internet bank” on a daily basis.

This includes how to set one up, which plug-ins to use, how to search engine optimize it and even tons of free ways to suck in boatloads of targeted traffic.

You'll also discover multiple ways to monetize a blog. Your blog, alone, can become a secure long-lasting source of recurring income.

You're going to discover every single little trick and crafty tweak to turn your blog into a profit-sucking powerhouse of awesome potential.

So you'll get amazing secrets like these...

Why it's so important to start with a blog before you do ANYTHING else online.
How to get your blog indexed at lightening speeds and updated in the search engines almost immediately (and I'll give you a MUST ALERT list of 80+ sites you need to tip off).
How to set up and have a working blog in no time - even if you've never put up a page on the web in your life.
How to SEO your blog and make Google go wild for your site. This technique will suck in thousands of free visitors like a Shop Vac on steroids.
The only blogging software to use - with this you'll enjoy virtually no limit traffic generation, dramatic SEO benefits, powerful visitor interaction and an unforgettable visitor experience.
25 top notch tips for generating a torrent of fresh blog traffic PLUS get traffic to your blog immediately.
The art and science of blog layout - discover what colors convert best and where to put ads for stellar results.
The smart way to get automatic backlinks from high ranking blogs that will skyrocket your blog's page rank practically overnight!
Plugin Magic - the plugins you need to use and how to use them to turn your blog into a search engine traffic magnet automatically.
The simple secret to earning full time money, blogging part time.
The trick to easily putting up new content that keeps visitors coming back for more. Not only will you have loads of new visitors but you'll have repeat visitors - the best kind!

10 golden methods to make money automatically with your blog.

How to leverage your blog and use it as the base for a full time online business.


Module 2: Automated
Affiliate Marketing

Pop quiz: How can you make money without a website, without a product and never worry about customer support?  

There’s only one way….

Affiliate marketing!

It's one of the easiest ways to make guaranteed money online. Inside this module, you'll discover exactly what it takes to be a super affiliate.

You'll discover the insider shortcuts to profit instantly. In no time, you'll be earning 10 times what your competition is earning and with just a few small tweaks.

Using these techniques you could make your entire living from just a few well chosen and properly promoted affiliate programs.

I'll show you exactly how to quickly and easily get started. And then, the advanced techniques that will launch you to the top of the charts in affiliate contests and, better yet --  enjoying big monthly checks.

Just some of the secrets you'll discover....

Why affiliate marketing is the fastest route to riches (with no product to create and no sales service to worry about, the sky's the limit on what you sell).
How to choose the most lucrative programs for your business and what to avoid like the plague. Choose the wrong program and you might as well just take all the cash in your wallet and flush it.
The surefire way to make money as an affiliate. I'll spill the beans on the exact method I use to make autopilot affiliate profits.
Where to find programs that pay you instantly - no waiting weeks or months for payouts.
The 5 most effective ways to make money as an affiliate PLUS how to earn monthly recurring incomes automatically.
How to easily set up a long term business that will run on autopilot.
How to take top spot as a super affiliate at product launches. You’ll be amazed at how your reputation skyrockets when you implement this.
How to build a targeted, responsive list while earning colossal affiliate commissions.
How to earn 10x the commissions in just a few more minutes work. In fact, one technique I'm going to share with you, increased my commissions by 3,700%.


Module 3: Traffic Generation Gone Completely Nuts!

A lack of low cost, high quality, targeted traffic is what kills most internet businesses - but not yours!

Because I'm giving you the inside track. Just imagine how far you'll go when I expose you to every single one of my raw, uncut, dirty little traffic secrets from my closely guarded bag of tricks.

Here's just a taste... I've got a few sneaky strategies up my sleeve that will generate 100's of visitors a day in less than 5 minutes – and it's all free.

And here are just a few exciting insider secrets you'll be thrilled to discover in the course...

The best way to get tons of free traffic from search engines - FAST (use this technique to baffle your competition).
How to plug into the powerhouse of viral marketing - the only limit here is your imagination and desire.
The 5 fastest ways to generate a torrential downpour of traffic. I can’t believe nobody else is teaching these…but they aren’t!
The secret strategy I've only ever shared once before - that no one ever talks about - which will give you hundreds of visitors a day and takes only a few minutes to implement.
Light a fire under your affiliates that will practically force them to send you unstoppable traffic. Here's how to do it.
Get to the top 10 on Google in no time flat- it's a lot easier than you might think.
The million dollar secret of Integration Marketing - here's a little known dynamite method that's often overlooked.
I'll also show you the top ways to a get a lot of traffic fast with minimal effort PLUS hundreds of unique ways to get targeted visitors to your website.
How to get lifetime backlinks as high as PR 5-6 for free!


Module 4: The Passive Income Of Your Dreams With List Building

Once you've built a list of subscribers, you'll know what it's like to have the keys to the Kingdom Of Instant Wealth.

With a good sized email list, you can literally make $1,000 or more in less than 5 minutes work – it's some of the easiest money you'll ever make.

And when you have a large list, JV partners will beat a path to your door with special deals.

You'll have the kudos (and sweet prizes) that go with winning JV promotions. And top marketers will begin to seek you out.

You don't need to make do with a tiny list. Most people's lists have less than 500 subscribers on them. Yet the sort of list you want - one with real BLASTING power - is tens of thousands strong! Sound hard to do? Think again.

These secrets give you the power to realistically pull in as many as 10,000 eager subscribers in under a month. The kind of list that provides you with a consistent source of income you can rely on whenever times get tough.

You'll also get the 5 best ways to build a big list lighting fast - and some of them can add 1,000's of subscribers and literally take only 5 minutes a month.

And here's the best part. You should be able to make $1 per subscriber per month (especially once I'm done with you!). But even if you slack off and only manage half that - How does a paltry $5,000 a month sound?

And here's just a tiny taster of the devastating secrets I'm going to unleash on you in this module...

No list? No problem! Five fast ways to build a list of a thousand or more people from scratch - for free.
How to get 10,000 subscribers in less than 30 days - then double or triple it in a few months.
The foolproof way to build your list virally (many people get scared away from the word viral, but I’m going to let you copy-paste my own stunning viral campaigns).
The simple secrets to outsourcing subscriber generation - if you're short of time, here's how to get things rolling in half the time, without losing your shirt.
Four lightening fast ways to get paid by your opt-ins (these highly effective techniques will get your list building off the launch pad in record time - and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank).
The six secrets of effective testing (miss just one and you won't get accurate feedback).
How to turn your opt-in page into a subscriber-sucking vortex (the uncensored secrets of irresistible giveaways to turbo-charge your opt-ins).
How to make mad cash by paying for subscribers. This little money monster has been sitting right under your nose waiting to be exploited.
The Super Secret List Building Formula (the "why didn't I think of that" vital technique to building an instant army of eager affiliates working for you 24/7/365).
Paid methods to build your list for dirt cheap that will produce hungry subscribers almost overnight.
The four golden methods to create a tsunami of valuable opt-in subscribers (my own proven ways to get a boatload of subscribers in record time).
How to use free or cheap PLR products to send droves of visitors to your opt-in page.


Module 5:
Product Creation

The top money makers on the internet come in all shapes and sizes. But there's a single characteristic they all have... their own products.

Want to create your own killer product, but don't have the time?

I'll show you how to create a big seller super quickly and super easily. I'll also show you how to find hot markets and dominate niches like crazy, as well as the secrets to exploding your profit potential.

In this exciting module, you'll get every stellar short cut and street smart technique I have to help you create your own cash sucking goldmine of an exclusive product - in record time.

Secrets like these...

How to find and dominate niche markets and create products that sell like hotcakes. (You'll discover the vital secret to choosing profitable and easy to sell in niches.)
Raise your game with my 4 best writing tips to instantly go from ho hum to WOW! - no need to be an English Major.
6 hardcore writing strategies that will empower you to churn out top quality content far faster than you could ever imagine.
Getting the pulse of the market (here's three simple ways you can spot trends and make sure you hit a winner every time).
How to use PLR to create a new unique product lightening fast and gain a distinct edge over 95% of all the other people who have bought the same PLR product.
Pricing magic (the MUST HAVE art of maximizing profits by balancing price, value, bonuses and likely sales).
The key reason why people buy. Once you understand this simple principle, you'll be well on your way to your first million dollar product.
Getting great testimonials and vital social proof before you launch your product.
The best format for your product (don't even think about creating a product until I give you the heads up on matching the media to the market).
Find out how to provide the right content that people will be begging you to buy.
The single most important kind of information you MUST sell.
How to repurpose your project (why creating multiple formats of the same product slashes your research time, while exploding your profit potential).
How to make extra income from your product - on autopilot (invest a couple of hours now and you could enjoy a regular extra income for years ahead).


Module 6: Turning Simple Words Into Instant Cash
With Copywriting

Craft compelling copy, emails, PPC ads, forum signatures, email signatures and yes... even sales letters!  This one skill will define your level of wealth more than any other.

Such is the value of good copywriting - good copywriters can command $2,500 right up to $50,000 or more plus royalties, for a single sales letter. It’d be incredibly pricey to hire a good one every time you need an ad written.

So here's the good news...

Copywriting is more a science than an art and is a skill that can be learned. Combine the right measure of persuasiveness and offer and you could sell dirt to a king.

What's more - once you know the fundamentals - you'll quickly be on your way to writing emails and sales letters that won't cost you $30,000... but can easily make you that much in profit - and more!

I write many of my own sales letters and other material, so I'm going to give you every single one of my dirty little tips and secrets to creating an itch so bad, it can only be scratched by hitting “buy now!”
Not only will I teach you the skills you'll need, but I'll give you sales letter, headline and copy templates that are deadly powerful. You won't want to miss this one – it could easily add another figure to your income.

That’s why it’s no wonder I regularly get emails like this:

"Dramatically Improve[d] My Conversion Rate."

Even knowing a lot about internet marketing, getting expert feedback on my specific efforts was indispensable. 

With Justin's generous help, I was able to dramatically improve my conversion rate.

Diana Wright

You'll get straight from the source, hard core, insider techniques like these...

How to create lethal sales letters that SUCK cash from your prospects like a tornado.
The questions your sales copy absolutely must answer or you may as well not even bother - you'll lose most prospects anyway.
The wizardry of psychological triggers (I'll reveal to you the secret ways to tickle your prospect's hot buttons, virtually compelling them to buy your product).
Secret micro-persuasion techniques that draw readers in and don’t let go until they buy.
50 fill-in-the-blank headline templates to start your copy off right PLUS my step-by-step formula to perfecting that crucial opening paragraph.
Sales killers - just as there are words to explode your response, there are certain words that destroy them…at least two of these are probably on your site right now.
My dead simple way to keep readers glued to your sales letter until the very end.
How to get an instant 30% credibility boost and the surefire way to provide your prospect with such compelling proof they'll feel like an idiot if they don't order right away.
Your call to action (I'll reveal all my little known hardcore secrets to stop your reader wanting to think about it and make them unable to relax until they've bought your product).
Testimonials and how to use them (I'll give you the four key qualities for a convincing testimonial. And I'll tell you how to get them).
Compelling bonus strategies (I have achieved mega sales with the careful use of bonuses, so now you'll be privy to my raw, uncensored data).
The vital business of testing your sales letter (what separates the winners and losers is that the winners test, test and test some more. So I'll be showing what you should test, why and how to do it effortlessly).
57 kick a$$ ways to increase your conversion rates. These can be used right away to immediately send your conversions through the roof.
How to write sales copy like the pros, only without spending a dime (and fast too).


Early reviewers of this one module are floored with its value.


"It has joined the privileged position in my office next to the works of copywriting greats..."


Thanks again for providing such a high-quality, useful copywriting guide... It has joined the privileged position in my office next to the works of copywriting greats like Brian Keith Voiles, John Carlton and Gary Halbert!
To your success,


David Ramsdale



"'s now my copywriting bible!"

Thanks for an awesome report Justin! I've printed it out, put it in a binder and it's now my copywriting bible!

After reading the report I went back and looked at some of my favorite sales letters from my swipe file and now I understand why they are my favorite. They incorporate everything that you talk about in your report.

Thanks again for such a great product!

John K.









Module 7: Getting Rich With Killer Joint Ventures

What's the secret of the top 1% of online earners?
Their use of JV's. With their JV partners they combine forces and multiply many times over the money each would make if working alone.

Online joint ventures are the easiest way to make lots of money there is -- so why do so few do them? Well, to start, un-established marketers simply can't get partnerships set up with the big names online.

I'll give you the inside scoop to JVing with elite marketers and exploding your profits on a dime. What you'll learn will be so effective, they'll actually be banging down your door to work with you.  

I've been involved in many very successful joint ventures, so I'm going to reveal every single technique I've put to the test and tell you the dangers to avoid.

So brace yourself for an express ride up to the elite joint venture’s penthouse suite, where you'll be privy to secrets like this...

The golden key to unleashing the awesome power of a joint venture - once you've mastered this you’ll never want for cash again.
The right way to approach a potential JV partner and the 3 things you MUST look for - if they're not there- then don't commit.
How to get top guns to WANT to joint venture with you -- these are secrets never revealed before!
Does size matter? I'll give you the heads up on the quality versus quantity of your JV partner's list.
How a good JV is an all round winner (I'll show you exactly how all three parties, you, your JV partner AND the customer all win).
The downsides to joint venturing and how you can practically eliminate the risk involved.
Your “crystal ball” that you can use to find out within minutes if your JV is going to profitable - before you even get started.
How the right JV can make you money over and over, but you only have to do it once.
The real secret of joint ventures compared with straight advertising (I'll show you exactly why joint ventures are so awesomely powerful).
Red hot tips for a successful JV approach - miss even one of these and your chances of getting a “Yes! will disappear in a flash!
The difference between email JVs and real JVs, which one you'll want to do and why.


Module 8: Retire Fat, Wealthy And Happy With Membership Sites

Membership sites are all the rage... and for good reason.

Membership sites don't just lay the foundation for passive income... they build it right up to a skyscraper top.  

You receive recurring monthly income from just one sale. Get the member and then get paid over and over. Now multiple that by hundreds of members and you have a retirement plan that kicks the snot out of any Roth I.R.A.

Oops...big problem, though. They're time consuming, expensive and difficult to set up.

Until now…

Using a special secret I have - you can get one going without needing any fancy software or complicated scripts.  What's more -- -- you won't need to create a lick of content!

This module shows you what sells and how to make it so irresistible that members will be forced to subscribe month after month. After this you'll be able to easily and cheaply get your own profitable membership site up and running.

You'll see how to avoid the killer problem membership site owners have -- that of membership site burnout. 

It comes from the pressure of having to turn out new content month after month.  It's been the death of many a membership site, and nearly their owners, too!  Luckily, this new wave of membership sites is almost entirely hands off!

These are hot off the press secrets, and you'll be way ahead of the curve in any niche membership site you want to create.  Others simply won't be able to compete and, as you watch the other membership sites in your niche start, and'll be there to pick up the members...

You'll get raw, uncensored intel such as...

How to find the best markets to build membership sites for (It's probably not where you're thinking).
How to create a membership site that's free to set up and easy to maintain.
Wicked tricks to grab boatloads of eager members (and how to keep them on for the long haul).
Why membership sites are some of the easiest money you'll ever make - and how to do it the lazy way.
How to take your existing product or service and earn a recurring income from it every month.
How your membership site up and taking orders in just a few days - part time.
How to create a membership site that will have you set for life.
I'll let you know what software you need to use and how to make it simple for you and your members.
Why membership sites are 10 times more profitable than regular sales sites.
The secret to making your membership site so successful month after month so you'll be earning easy money for a lifetime.

The word is already out about how the information in this course will change the IM world forever:


"Without Justin's guide, doing this is
almost a bank account suicide."

It's the very first product I bought from Justin, and I am more than very pleased with his report. In fact, I would say that this is Excellent stuff.


I'm going to work on this project as soon as possible. I've seen a pretty big name in IM doing this before, but without Justin's guide, doing this is almost a bank account suicide...

If you are serious about your Internet business, you want to get this.

Again, great job Justin.


Franck Silvestre



Module 9: Product Launches For Floods Of Cash

Frustrated marketers abound -- they have great products, but their sales simply haven't gotten the "get up and go."  
Product launch mastery creates fireworks.  All of a sudden it seems like everyone is talking about your product... and the massive attention will explode your list and have people panting like a dog in heat for the date when you finally release your product.  

With over a dozen top selling products, a book and membership sites to my credit, you can imagine I've found out by trial and error exactly what you need to do to explode the sales of your product, right from lift off.

Here are the step-by-step details to building pre-launch buzz, making your launch go viral, getting super affiliates on board, and even leveraging your launch to get you a whopping new list at the same time.

I'm pulling together all the knowledge you've gained in the other modules, as well as adding every single closely guarded secret I've discovered to make the launch of your first product an explosive success!

You'll discover...

Closely guarded marketing secrets to build pre-launch buzz and make your launch go viral.
How to seek out and sign up the top dog super affiliates - these are the guys with the mega lists and the power to propel your sales to the stratosphere with a single click.
The countdown to zero hour. I'll reveal the shockingly simple ways you can be sure your launch enjoys a flawless lift off.
Little changes equal big results - How to test and optimize everything for the largest number of sales. (I'll give you the heads up on the seemingly insignificant changes that will return MEGA results!).
How to get your affiliates to go above and beyond to make every sale they possibly can and then some.
The best online sites to handle your affiliate program - it's crucial you pick a program everyone trusts.
How to execute a ridiculously profitable pre-launch.
Creating essential buzz - I'll reveal the hard core techniques used by the top dogs to drive your prospects wild with anticipation...
How to use your product launch to massively build your list and make more sales at the same time.
How to set up your own affiliate program - I'll tell you the best way to do this and the dangerous pitfalls you need to avoid.
Positioning your launch - I'll show you how clever use of leverage will mean your launch skyrockets your whole business to the next level.


Module 10: Website Flipping For Fast And Easy Cash

Got a spare 5 to 10 hours?  How about turning those hours into $1,000 to $2,000?

Website flipping is the method and this module shows you this crazy lazy cash machine! After you see this, your life will never, ever be the same.

Never will you want for money, when flipping a website is so simple.

Create sites quickly and sell them fast. Virtual real estate can be far more profitable than dirt real estate and it's virtually risk free.

So, I'm going to give you every little naughty, hidden secret to this lucrative money spinner. And you'll have a head start on this, because I've designed it around using blogs, which we've already covered in the first module. So you're already well on your way.

All you'll need to add are the insider secrets I'll be revealing, like this...

Take advantage of the virtual real estate boom - Find out how to build a site fast for less than $20 and flip it for thousands.
The right way to build your site - I'll give you the inside track on what features to include for maximum added value.
How to find the best niche markets - I'll point you towards the best niches to concentrate on.
Where and how to sell your site for top dollar. With this advice you'll be able to sell a site for up to TEN TIMES its monthly earnings or more!
When to sell a site and when to hang onto it.
The best type of domain name for big profits and the place to register so transferring it to your buyer will be hassle free.
How to avoid being scammed by a “buyer.” Do not even think about flipping a site until you know this.
Which type of sites are best to flip - I'll reveal the pros and cons of every type so your flips can produce windfalls of cash.
Simple tweaks you can make in minutes to nearly double your earnings from every flip.
Find out how to quickly and easily determine your site's value and discover what you must to do to pull in the big buyers with deep pockets.

...And that's just the first 11 modules where you'll build your life-long money making cash machine. The other modules will blow your mind!


“Still Wondering If This Is For You?”



Consider the thoughts of the people who had to make the same decision about using my system….

Here’s what they said about their decision to take the plunge into the wild promised land of profit that’s awaiting you:


"Every time I think you have done your best work, you come out with something new and it gets even better."

I have almost all of your products and I am well aware that you massively over deliver. But even I was shocked at the quality of this guide. Every time I think you have done your best work, you come out with something new and it gets even better.

One of my favorite things about this guide is that it's very detailed. Nothing is left out. I don't think you could have given any more information even if you wanted to.

I've already created a few products myself and reading this was still quite a learning experience for me. I can already see that my next product will be much easier to create and will earn me a lot more money! In fact, I think I will go get started on one right now.


Trent Brownrigg



"More useful content than in the dozens of ebooks I've read."

Justin, I can't thank you enough for the coaching! Every question was answered in depth and contained more useful content than in the dozens of ebooks I've read. 

You have a great way of lasering in on the exact steps to take and give clear, concise instructions with no fluff or filler.

I've really enjoyed working with you!

April Coggins



"I just couldn’t recommend this highly enough."

Hi Justin,

Thanks for writing this guide to making money online. My idea juices are flowing and action is underway.

You have put together one of the best reports that I've purchased. Your step by step approach to each topic, is sooooo easy to follow. If one puts in the effort they are guaranteed to make the amount of money you talk of in your sales letter.

I just couldn’t recommend this highly enough.


Michael Langille



"Even a newbie will be dangerous."

As someone who has sold millions of dollars of products and services in the last 15 years, there are some combat-style, effective strategies that even I didn't know how to do before reading them inside. Even a newbie will be dangerous...

So much is covered from experience to strategy, from how to, to where and even actual examples with step by step plans... Two enthusiastic thumbs way up!

Doug Barger


I hope I’ve made it blatantly obvious for you that:

Grabbing & Devouring This Training Is The Smartest Investment In Your Financial
Future You'll Ever Make!

I am so sure that when you see just the first few modules in action you’ll value your membership to Internet Marketing Gone Wild like you value your most prized possessions.

And here’s why:

Each of these modules are designed to build upon one another…so your income actually grows exponentially.

Sure you’ll be driving traffic and building up daily sales in the first few weeks…but that’s where the fun begins.

As each new module arrives every 10 days you’ll be able to infuse your business within another electric bolt of profit producing potential.

The old income will stay…the new income will start to compound.

Eventually you’ll be making so much money you might struggle to figure out what to do with it all.

We’re talking about a set of tools that has already transformed hundreds into badass full time marketers.

Would you spend a few thousand dollars to have your money needs taken care of for life?

Of course you would. 

Well that’s exactly the kind of opportunity you have today.

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Unlimited personal coaching from me for the entire duration of your time in the course. Limited to the first 100 people only! Coaching clients currently pay me $1,000 a month for this and think it's a steal. With me (plus my team of experts!) at your beck and call it’s nearly impossible to fail!

HOT Bonus Gift 2 - (Value $597)

Custom Internet Marketing Toolbox - Your personal treasure trove of software, graphics, blog plug-ins, web templates, articles, PLR products and much more.

I'll be giving you a whole boatload of useful software, graphics and content to compliment the modules, all carefully chosen to help you save time, save money and turbocharge your operation.

HOT Bonus Gift 3 - (Value: Priceless!)

Access to the exclusive Private Members Forum. Most of the richest partnerships on the internet have their roots in forums, where like-minded people can strike it rich combining their resources and skills. So this forum will be open only to my students who will be able to swap ideas, set up JVs and generally help each other rise to the very top of this industry.

Let Me In Now Justin! I’d Be Crazy Not
To Try Out Your Training For $1

“Let's Review What You're
About To Own, Shall We?”

The Internet Marketing Gone Wild Superior
Online Training Package Includes:


Quick Start Cash Module


Module #1:    Blogging


Module #2:    Affiliate Marketing


Module #3:    Traffic Generation


Module #4:    List Building


Module #5:    Product Creation


Module #6:    Copywriting


Module #7:    Joint Ventures


Module #8:    Membership Sites


Module #9:    Product Launches


Module #10:  Website Flipping


Bonus #1:      Personal Coaching


Bonus #2:      Bag Of Tricks


Bonus #3:      Private Members Forum


Total Value:


“Justin! This Sort Of 'A to Z' Training
Must Cost A King's Ransom?

There’s no question that this package is so value-packed it should be unaffordable for almost everyone reading this letter.
Heck, I’ve seen courses go for $2,000 just to teach you how to do a product launch!

I’ve seen other courses go for a thousand dollars to teach you how to get traffic.

Another thousand bucks to learn copywriting and advanced persuasion techniques.

And guess what?

Those products don’t have a damn thing on the package you’re getting right here.

There’s no fluff and the info is even MORE actionable than what you’ll find in those over-hyped courses. In fact, I’ll bet you’ll find more “aha” moments per minute spent in this course than any other course you’ve taken.

So could I get away with charging thousands for this package?

Of course I could.

But would that really make a difference in people’s lives?

I’ve already made my money from these strategies you’re about to learn.

I’m not here to make another buck off of you. I’m here to make an impact.

That’s why I’m not going to charge you thousands of dollars.

I’m not even going to charge you hundreds of dollars, even though that would still be a honey of a deal.

You can get all of this life-changing info for a measly $97 per month! And you'll get access to a new module and stream of income every 10 days!

That may be the best deal you’ve ever been made since you got involved with IM.

But just to completely eradicate every last shred of doubt in your heart I’m going to make you my...


“Good As Gold, Love It Or Leave It,

100% No-Hassles, No-Gripes, 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee


No I haven’t lost my mind.

I just believe that deeply in what I teach.

That’s why if at any time during the first 30 days of your membership you feel you haven’t gotten back rock solid profit producing value for every penny you paid...just let us know and we’ll cheerfully refund your payment.

This puts all the risk on my shoulders and makes it almost impossible for you to lose here.

You’ve got 30 days to profit royally from the first few modules...and you can still get that fee back for any reason - or no reason at all, throughout the 30 days!

I think if you’d look up no-brainer in the dictionary… you’d find this offer right here.

Of course, once the 30 days are over you can cancel at any time for any reason. I’ll wish you the best and we’ll still be friends.


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If you take action right now I’ll let you into the promised land of internet profits for 10 long days… And you’ll pay only:

$997 $597


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That’s more than 2K of training, coaching and bonuses being handed to you on a silver platter for four measly quarters.


“Why A Buck?”


It’s simple. I know times are tough for you.

I know that even $97 per month can be a risky move for someone in financial distress.

That’s why I don’t want you to pay that monthly fee until you earned enough money from my training to cover it and have a few hundred extra dollars to spare. 

That’s why I’m giving you access to the first Quick Start Cash module for 10 days so I can prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that...investing in this course may just be the smartest decision of your life.


Now, May We Speak Frankly?

I’ve been in this business for several years.

And never have I seen this sort of 100% comprehensive training all jammed into one place…for this kind of laughable price.

The real question you should be asking yourself is:

Can I afford NOT to have this training?

If you think I’m joking just look around you.

More than 1 in 10 Americans now are out of work. Most of the others are barely getting by and their jobs are balancing on very thin ice.

With this training you’re going to finally exit that crazy train.

Your life will no longer be subject to the whims of budgetary constraints and capricious bosses.

You’re going to have every tool you need, at your fingertips…to provide for your family, in any country, in any economy.

In fact once you implement these strategies you’ll be helping others who are having hard times instead of being in need of help.

When my children become old enough to read and write...this is the exact training I’m going to give them…because I never want money to stand in between them and the lives of their dreams.

You’ve got that same sort of opportunity right now. You’ve got the ability to change your life…or chalk this up as just another missed opportunity.

Let Me In Now Justin! I’d Be Crazy Not To Try Out Your Training For $1

If you’re still reading this I want you to stop.

Stop and think about what’s being handed to you.

By now you’re convinced that the stuff inside of IM Gone Wild can make you boatloads of money.

But has that really sunk in?

Have you thought about the smiles of joy on your families’ faces when you’re income is making their dreams come true?

Just picture the feeling of confidence that will surge inside of you when your online business is finally “clicking”…and bringing you more and more money every month of your life…

That’s what you’re getting here.

It’s me holding you by the hand…and step-by-step, taking you on the path to the good life.

The life that I lead. 

Let me prove to you that it’s possible.

So don’t push off this decision any longer.

You’ve already waited too long for the success you deserve.

Hit the big button below and watch your life change.

So say it with me…


  • "Yes!" I want to “live the dream” and make a generous full-time, auto-pilot income from home. I’m ready to ditch my doubts and try my hand on a proven system.”
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  • "Yes!" I know this offer will never be repeated and I’d be nuts not to pounce all over it…”

So Sign Me Up Now For Just...

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